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SME Dance

*denotes captain



Baker, Claire

Brock, Lauren

Brown, Audrey

Brown, Ellie

Cohen, Camryn

Commerford, Amelia

Condon, Finley

Decker, Lauren

Dierks, Lauren

Erickson, Catherine

Falley, Grace

Funkey, Madeline

Keal, Taylor

Ogg, Lily

Pindell, Jess

Raedle, Gretchen

Reda, Katie

Salzman, Pacey

Vuillemin, Elle

Winn, Kay Kay

Winter, Lucille

Wolf, Winnie



Angell, Megan

Beck, Sydney

Blades, Sofia

Burdick, Adya

Christian, Karly

Condon, Celia

Cooper, Ava

Cronenwett, Kate

Crosser, Macy

Fields, Grace

Gaillard, Audrey*

Griggs, Julie

Guck, Avery

Klumpp, Maggie

Madden, Elise

Mogenson, Maddox

Seymour, Lydia*

Welch, Elise


C Team

Black, Ava

Boulware, Sofia

Dean, Sabrina

Jorgensen, Annie

Martin, Parris

Overstreet, Katie

Porter, Tristan

Radford, Emma

C Team captains will be

decided at a later time.

New Team Member Information



  • Returning JV and Varsity members: please bring your camp fees ($500) to class no later than Tuesday, April 30th.  We will size you in class for uniforms and camp clothes.

  • Returning C Team members: please bring your camp fees ($500) to the SME dance room on Tuesday, April 30th after school.  We will size you for your uniforms and camp clothes then.

  • New Lancer Dancers:  Please bring your camp fees ($550) to the SME dance room between anytime between 2:40-5:00pm on Tuesday, April 30th. (8th graders come between 4:00-5:00).  We will also size you for costumes and camp wear at this time. Please plan on 20-30 minutes of time.

  • Please make your check payable to Lancer Dancers Booster Club or you can Venmo your payment to @SMEastLancerDancers

  • Parents do not need to attend.

2. Current and new Varsity team members:  You have been invited to help host the Corinth Elementary School Dragon Dash – rain or shine!  Please meet at Corinth Elementary this Saturday morning, April 27th.  You will meet at the Kindergarten playground (which is by the south side doors of the school) at 7:00am and find Holly to receive instructions.  Please wear a Lancer Dancer shirt and black pants or shorts. Also, please mark your calendars for helping with SME graduation on Tues., May 14th (approx. 6:00-8:00pm) at SMN.


3. If you make the team please review the rehearsal schedule for the summer (below), and let me know of any possible conflicts as soon as possible. coachclose@smelancerdancers.com


4. If you are concerned with your tryout results please follow the “steps to share concern” listed in the Lancer Dancer Constitution on our website.


Home Routine Rehearsal Schedule:

C Team

5/18 8:00am-1:00pm - Choreography Session in the SME Dance Room

5/24 4:00-6:00pm - SME Dance Room

5/28, 5/29, and 5/30 -  6:00-8:00pm - SME Gym

5/31 4:00-6:00pm - SME Dance Room

6/3 12:00-3:00pm - SME Dance Room



5/18 1:00-7:00pm - Choreography Session in the SME dance room

5/24 9:00-11:00am - SME Dance Room

5/28, 5/29, and 5/30 - 5:00-7:00pm - SME Gym

5/31 9:00-11:00am - SME Dance Room

6/3 12:00-3:00pm - SME Dance Room



5/19 1:00-7:00pm - Choreography Session at TKO

5/24 11:00am-1:00pm - SME Dance Room

5/28, 5/29, and 5/30 - 7:00-9:00pm - SME Gym

5/31 11:00am-1:00pm - SME Dance Room

6/3 12:00-3:00pm - SME Dance Room

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