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SME Dance


Below you will find the routine videos and technical skills you will be required to demonstrate at tryouts.  Please learn all the materials below by Monday, May 1st for our first clinic. Double Click the music players to play the music.

Tryout Station 1:

Hip Hop Routine and Chant (Chant will be taught at the first clinic)

Tryout Station 2:


(includes headspring and kip up)

Tryout Station 3:

Pom and Jazz Routine (spirit in between)

Hip Hop

Notes for Hip Hop:

  • learn the part/counts of the guy with the hat on.

  • make sure you know when to hold counts.

  • You will do the chant and spirit before this routine starts.  We will go over specifics at the first clinic.

ReverseSME LD Hip Hop Tryout 23
00:00 / 00:38


Notes for Pom:

  • learn the part/counts of the girl with the bun in her hair.

  • we will have poms for you to borrow for the tryout.

  • You will spirit at the end of the dance to put your poms down (we will go over specifics at the first clinic).

Lose ControlSME LD Pom Tryout 23
00:00 / 00:51


Notes for Jazz:

  • You will have 4 sets of 8 counts to improv at the start of the music. Please feel free to show off tricks, style, and your personality.

  • There will be an easier turn option given at the first clinic, but please perform the turns from the video if you'd like to be considered for Varsity.

  • Accent the musicality and dynamics. Make sure there is a difference between the smoother, more lyrical moments and the sharper ones.

Take Over Control CutArtist Name
00:00 / 01:04

Technical Skills, Requirements, and Helpful Video Links

23-24 LD Audition Requirements - Sheet1.jpg
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