SME Dance

Welcome to all our Lancer Dancer hopefuls! 
We are excited you're here!

Tryouts are just around the corner, so please stay tuned in to our website and our instagram for any updates!
There are FIVE important things you'll need to do BEFORE you try out:

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1. Fill out a tryout application due Wednesday, April 20th


2. Read and fill out your tryout contract due Wednesday, April 20th 

3. Fill out your written interview due Wednesday, April 20th

4. Read through our Lancer Dancer Team Constitution with a parent or guardian.  You do not need to fill out the form on the last page unless you make the team.

5. If you happened to miss the pre-tryout meeting, make sure you read the Lancer Dancer Constitution for all the information and view the slideshow below.


Here is a bit of the info you'll need to know, but please read through

everything for all of the detailed information you need!



Tryout Material - Tryout Videos and Technical Skill Requirements will be posted 

Monday, April 25th at


Guided Clinic:  Monday, May 2nd 6:00-8:00pm


Open Gym Clinic: Wednesday, May 4th 4:00-6:00pm (please note the time change to make sure we don't conflict with the SME choir concert)


Tryouts: Thursday, May 5th after school




SME Main Gym


What to bring:


Water bottle and jazz shoes


What will I perform at the tryout:


  • The sideline (pom) and jazz/hip hop routines you will learn from the videos

  • Technical skills (list will be provided when video is posted)


When will results be posted?


Tryout results will be posted no sooner than 9:00pm the evening of tryouts.

After reading through all of the info, please feel free to email with any questions you may have!


Below you will find the routine videos and technical skills you will be required to demonstrate at tryouts.  Please learn all the materials below by Monday, May 2nd for our first clinic. Press play twice on the music players to start the song.

Station 1 (jazz shoes):

Jazz Routine and Technical Skills

Station 2 (tennis shoes):

Sideline and Hip Hop Routine

(includes headspring and kip up)

Notes for jazz:

  • learn the part/counts of the girl with the dark hair.

  • make sure you know when to hold counts.

  • we will give a different turn option for both the turns in second and the quad that we will show at the first clinic.

Notes for the sideline:

  • learn the part/counts of the girl with the blue poms (darker hair).

  • make sure you know when to hold counts.

  • we will have poms for you to borrow for the tryout.

  • The first 3 sets of 8 counts will be for spiriting on and into your place

  • You will spirit at the end of the dance to put your poms down (we will go over specifics at the first clinic).

Notes for Hip Hop:

  • make sure you pay close attention to the musicality to really accent the counts.

  • use your pile (get low) and make sure you put just as much power into your lower body as you do into your upper body.  

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